CeCe Winans

12 Time Grammy Winner & GOSPEL LEGEND


"I am glad I found out about Jacob Burton! He has made a big difference in how I approach my craft.

I have been singing for many years, and now that I have Jacob coaching me I know I will be able to sing for many more. Thanks Jacob! You're teaching me a lot!"


Jayney Cakes

Youtube personality


"Working with Jacob has been amazing. I've been singing on Youtube for several years now and while I've made a lot of progress on my own, I found myself at somewhat of a standstill.

My fans would always say I had a great voice suited for ballads, but anytime I would try to sing anything remotely powerful they seemed to find it lacking.

I was skeptical about voice lessons, mostly because I wasn't sure if working with a teacher would be worth it when you can find all of this great information online without one nowadays. I thought my voice was just stuck like that and I couldn't really sing anything beyond gentle songs.

And now? I wish I had started much sooner!

Within three lessons I already felt a huge difference. I've only been working with Jacob weekly for a couple of months now and singing has gone from feeling difficult and stressful to being fun again. It's like I'm finding a completely new voice and it's so much fun to experiment with it and feel like I'm realizing my potential and singing properly.

Songs I previously found impossible to sing are finally possible - even EASY to sing.

The improvement was immediate. Jacob explains things in a way that's really easy to grasp and practice with, and we record every lesson so every time I go to record a new song I pull a lesson up and do the warm ups.

My fans noticed a difference straight away, and now I'm getting a bunch of feedback telling me how much I've improved. For the first time in almost 200 uploads and a total of 16,342,345 Youtube views, people have started describing my voice as powerful. I finally have my confidence back, and instead of feeling like I want to quit like I did just a few months ago, I feel motivated to improve even further.

Now instead of hearing a song and thinking 'I could never pull that off', I feel confident enough to give it my all, and I know Jacob will help me reach all of my goals.

It's been amazing so far and I can't wait to see what's in store. I would highly recommend Jacob, he's a wonderful instructor!"



Jim Boyd

Worship Leader

"I am a worship leader and Jacob has helped me tremendously. He listens. He knows exactly what areas I need to work on. Several people have come up to me recently and said that they were amazed at the increased vocal range that I have been able to achieve. Thank you so much, Jacob! "

Britney Graham


"I've been working with Jacob for a few months now after taking a 5 year hiatus from any vocal work. I told him in the beginning what I wanted to work on and what I wanted to achieve and he has helped me make great progress in the short amount of time since I hired him. His vocal exercises have improved my range and strengthened my mix already in just about 3 months. I would absolutely recommend hiring Jacob as your vocal coach! You absolutely won't regret it. "

Becca Fecht



"Jacob is an amazingly talented individual with a true gift for teaching. He has an enthusiasm and love of music that is infectious and makes each lesson a truly enjoyable experience; I left each lesson feeling encouraged and positive.  Jacob catered each lesson to my style and preference and was endlessly patient with me as I developed confidence, breath control, and pitch accuracy. I tremendously enjoy working with Jacob and cannot say enough wonderful things about him. One simply cannot do better than Jacob for a voice coach. "